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When you’re creating an online presence for your business, great text or ‘copy’ is essential. It’s also a lot of work - the kind of stuff you want happening behind the scenes, to have ready right when you need it. That’s where we can work together. I specialise in writing professional, beautifully crafted copy for your website, blog, social media, or anywhere else you need it. I’ll work with you to find a voice and style that fits your brand, highlighting your strengths and values. I appreciate direct contact and great communication, qualities that are often lost when contracting through an agency. This interpersonal approach means that you’ll have a direct line to me outside ‘business hours’, and know exactly what you're getting right from the outset. Let’s start an easy and efficient working relationship.

Why use a professional?

As a business owner, there’s a lot of pressure on you to have immaculate, frequently updated copy across your entire online presence - and for good reason. Content is the currency of the internet, and those who regularly publish quality posts are favoured by search engines and social media across the board. Content includes web pages, social media updates, articles and blog posts. There isn’t a nice way to put it - this is no small task and, for a business, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re seen and heard amidst the online competition. 
    As a copywriter, it’s my job to serve up quality text, fresh and hot, for your customers to engage with. I’m a perfectionist, never satisfied until your needs are met. With a copywriter on board, you’ll immediately notice a consistency and cohesion across all your online platforms, something that your following will recognise and appreciate.

My Method

When I am approached by a new client, my priority is to establish a friendly and efficient relationship from the get-go.

I will try to get a basic idea of your project requirements in the opening correspondence before taking steps to organise a full consultation. This is where I will learn about your goals, values and requirements, intuitively laying the groundwork for finding the perfect tone and voice for your copy.

After the consultation, I will send you a list of my writing packages and recommend a pricing scheme that can be tailored to fit your needs. Half of the payment for the job will be made before work begins, the other half upon the project’s conclusion.

When the pricing is agreed I will immediately start work on writing your copy, giving you a time estimate based on the size of the project. Once completed, I will send you the work and begin the review process, where you will have the chance to raise any changes you’d like to see made. For larger projects, I will submit segments of the work for review as they are completed. After editing is finished and you are happy with the final product, we will complete the invoicing process.

My focus throughout the exchange will be to provide responsive and friendly service, working to find a style that suits you and ensure you’re happy with the work every step of the way.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can start on your project right away.


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Who am I?

My name is Louis Tobin. I am a Wellington student who loves getting stuck into any project that lights my fire. I'm an experienced copywriter, recording musician and an extroverted introvert. 

I started writing at a very young age creating my own essays, stories and graphic novels. When I took up music at age 12 it sparked an obsession with writing songs along with a love for lyrics and wordplay. English was my favourite subject in school, and after I graduated I landed my first writing job at Greater Wellington Regional Council, where I wrote content for its official social media pages. After that I moved to iSentia, where my time management and grammatical accuracy were sharpened up summarising news stories for the company's clients. I started Tobin Minded Copy in 2018, and I'm now more passionate about writing than ever. See my portfolio for information on these and other writing jobs I have done.

With Tobin Minded Copy I am committed to the highest standards, tailoring my writing style to each client's individual needs. Let me bring your online presence to life with creative and compelling copy that will complement your brand and reflect your values as a business.


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